Donna Rosa Ristorante


Cuisine is a love story.
You have to fall in love with the products and then with the people who cook them.

(Alain Ducasse)

Everything you savour from our restaurant's cuisine, has flourished in the heart, and in the memory of the delicacies that Donna Rosa prepared for her husband Don Annibale.

Together in the kitchen, the talent of Mamma Raffaella and her daughter Erika's innovation, they create a plethora of seasonal recipes made from genuine ingredients from local producers.

Your demanding palate will be satisfied from our first courses that include fresh homemade pastas created by Erika's expert hands and a selection of dry pastas from Gragnano.

Experience our second courses, from meat to fresh caught fish, that will enhance your senses. Each dish has the colours, scents of the sea, and the warmth of the earth that their hands have created.

When your tasting journey approaches its ending, a reinterpretation of traditional sweets by Mamma Raffaella, such as Neapolitan pastiera, or Erika's original hot chocolate cake, will be the last step of an unforgettable experience.