Donna Rosa Ristorante


Cuisine works just like art:
you don't know anything of a dish until you know why it was made.

(Daniel Pennac)


Culinary art handed down

Once upon a time there was Donna Rosa, a special grandmother, and a true lover of the culinary art of Campania. On the hills of Positano, where art traversed tides and the traditions were passed onto her granddaughters Erika and Rosida, Donna Rosa Restaurant was born in March 1997.

Erika and Rosida bring the art of cooking and love of hospitality, which they inherited from their grandmother to Donna Rosa Restaurant today.

Two very devoted and close-knit sisters focus on the story of a culinary memory waiting to be savoured and reinterpreted, bringing with them all the experiences gained in international contexts.

Mamma Raffaella joins daughter Erika in the kitchen, while Papa Vincenzo, who is a passionate wine connoisseur, sees to the restaurant cellar with daughter Rosida.

Guests are invited to experience the warm hospitality and enjoy the culinary excellence, seasoned with an abundant dose of passion, of the Villani family.


A harmonious itinerary

Choosing Donna Rosa Restaurant in Positano means being passionate about a cuisine deeply rooted in the territory made with local fresh ingredients from land and sea that come from the rich and pleasant region of Campania.

The harmony of an intimate and refined gastronomic journey is evident in the home-made first courses, from short Black & White tagliatelle to stuffed pasta and typical dishes from Campania and Italian cuisine.